Adeel Khan
Founder & CEO

Our small but mighty team is led by a former principal and teacher, Adeel Khan. Prior to founding MagicSchool, Adeel founded and led the top performing public High School in Denver, Colorado. He has always been a geek about emerging technology - and is focused on partnerships, product development, and leading this amazing team!

Ilana Bye

Ilana Bye is a passionate educator turned web developer. As a working mother, Ilana’s deep understanding of the struggle to balance personal fulfillment and professional excellence fuels her commitment to our mission. Ilana is thrilled at the opportunity her skillset and AI provide for improving educator sustainability and student outcomes.

Steffi Grado

Steffi brings a wealth of marketing expertise and a knack for driving success in a tech start-up environment. She is passionate about MagicSchool's  mission of leveraging tech as a tool to create positive change in the world of education and beyond.

Todd Tobin
Chief Technology Officer

Todd leads our small, talented, and growing Engineering team. Before joining MagicSchool, Todd co-founded his own successful startup and led other successful startups through many stages of growth. He has always worked on the forefront of emerging technologies and trends working towards enabling growth and building amazing cultures. He has a passion for mission driven endeavors that change the lives of users in a positive meaningful direction.

Brian Collette
Chief of Staff

Brian, known for his detailed itineraries even on spontaneous road trips, serves as our Chief of Staff, directing operations with GPS precision. With a ten-year history in the AI industry, he’s led operations at cutting edge companies and is committed to connecting educators with transformative AI.

Tracey Neubrand
Learning and Development Manager

With a strong foundation in education and a passion for advancing technology in the classroom, Tracey Neubrand is a dedicated professional transitioning into the dynamic realm of educational technology. He brings extensive experience as a former science teacher, coupled with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by educators in today's digital age. As part of our innovative team, he is dedicated to the mission of transforming the education landscape by developing an AI assistant tailored to empower every teacher in the world.

Jeni Long
Senior Community Strategist

Jeni is a 25 plus year educator that is dedicated to providing unwavering support for teachers both inside and outside the classroom. She understands the challenges that teachers face and is here to offer guidance, resources, and support to all MagicSchool educators. As Community Lead, Jeni's mission is to ensure that every MagicSchool teacher feels supported, inspired, and empowered to make a difference in their students' lives. She believes in the power of a strong community and knows that when teachers come together, they can create magic in their classrooms.

Ben Duggan

Ben is a senior engineer who has been working with startups his entire career, including multiple ed-tech startups across various stages of growth. He is passionate about building products that users love by listening to their needs and creating high quality solutions.

Ash Stauffer

Ash is a software engineer who brings a passion for crafting delightful and intuitive user experiences. With a background in various ed-tech startups, Ash brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative flair to the team. They love thinking through new ways to solve problems for users and then bringing them to life.

Nichole MacVittie
Customer Success

Nichole brings over 15 years of experience in education and non-profits, with a diverse background that includes roles as a special education teacher, college counselor, adjunct professor, and administrator. Holding a doctorate in education with a focus on special education research and teacher learning, Nichole is deeply committed to serving the needs of the community and our partners. Nichole's passion for leveraging AI and data to make strategic decisions underscores her dedication to advancing educational opportunities for all.

Katie Dilley
Sales Operations Manager

Katie is a mission-driven individual, passionate about supporting equitable educational opportunities for all students, with a background in teaching high school science and developing recruitment programs in higher education. Katie believes in the power of educators and leveraging technology to support teacher sustainability and enhance student experiences.

Ahmed El Bannan

Ahmed is a long time software engineer, who has worked in a wide range of fields, from game development to embedded systems. He's helped launch seven separate products at five separate startups, most of which are still going strong. He is passionate about building products that make a positive impact on the world.

Olivia Hebert

Olivia is a computer science student currently studying at the University of Colorado Boulder and is a returning intern at MagicSchool. As an avid learner interested in the intersection of technology and creativity, she is passionate about developing innovative technical solutions that enhance people's daily lives.

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