Adeel Khan
Founder & CEO

Our small but mighty team is led by a former principal and teacher, Adeel Khan. Prior to founding MagicSchool, Adeel founded and led the top performing public High School in Denver, Colorado. He has always been a geek about emerging technology - and is focused on partnerships, product development, and leading this amazing team!

adeel [at]

Ilana Bye

Ilana Bye is a passionate educator turned web developer. As a working mother, Ilana’s deep understanding of the struggle to balance personal fulfillment and professional excellence fuels her commitment to our mission. Ilana is thrilled at the opportunity her skillset and AI provide for improving educator sustainability and student outcomes.

ilana [at]

Steffi Grado

Steffi brings a wealth of marketing expertise and a knack for driving success in a tech start-up environment. She is passionate about MagicSchool's  mission of leveraging tech as a tool to create positive change in the world of education and beyond.

steffi [at]

Mukul Seth

Mukul is a seasoned software engineer, entrepreneur, and problem-solver at heart, driven by a deep passion for fostering opportunities and equity in the areas of education, public health, and technology. With a strong belief in the power of emerging technologies, he is dedicated to leveraging them to create significant positive impacts in the lives of educators and students.

mukul [at]