Educator Spotlight: MagicSchool's AI Pioneer Karle Delo

Steffi Grado
September 15, 2023

New MagicSchool series highlighting the work of those pioneering the future of education with AI.

Educator Spotlight: AI Pioneer Karle Delo 

After dedicating a decade to middle school science teaching, in 2020,  Karle Delo evolved into an instructional technology coach -- passionately promoting AI's role in education. "I loved the job, but teaching was challenging and time-consuming... I believe that AI tools for educators can reduce teacher burnout and save time. Since introducing AI tools to educators, I've seen renewed excitement and empowerment. AI can give teachers back those nights and weekends with their families."

Karle discovered MagicSchool AI on TikTok and was especially captivated by the Three Dimensional Science Assessment Generator, calling it a "game-changer for science teachers."

How She's Using MagicSchool AI

A focus of Karle's work includes customizing MagicSchool AI tools for different school departments and facilitating professional development modules. She envisions AI's power in alleviating teacher burnout and democratizing high-quality education, especially in areas with limited funding.

While acknowledging the reservations some educators might have towards AI, Karle underlines its crucial role in evolving the teaching process. Her top MagicSchool AI tools, centered on lesson planning, assessment generation, and data analysis, reflect her dedication to augmenting the future of education and equipping students for a tech-powered future. Check out a recent TikTok she made highlighting MagicSchool's Rubric Generator Tool.

The Future of Education with AI

Karle sees AI as pivotal in reshaping education, saying, "I hope AI curbs teacher burnout and levels the playing field in public education." By offering underserved areas innovative tools, she envisions a more balanced educational landscape. Advocating for educators to grasp AI's capabilities, she suggests, "By understanding how AI can optimize and enrich our roles, we can discuss its ethical use with our students more effectively."

You can follow Karle Delo's AI Technology Coach journey on TikTok at