Teachers are overworked and burnt out.

More than four in ten K-12 teachers in the U.S. (44%) say they "always" or "very often" feel burnt out at work—outpacing all other industries nationally. (Gallup)

At the core of teaching is interacting with a child to help them grow—a deeply human, demanding, and complex responsibility. But today, teaching requires an unreasonable amount of work behind the scenes, much of it repetitive and tedious. 

We are a team of lifelong teachers and principals. We’ve not only taught in classrooms, we’ve also spent countless hours doing behind-the-scenes work for our students, like adapting texts to different levels, writing exemplars, and emailing families. We know firsthand just how much work teachers do outside the classroom in an effort to make our time in front of students count. 

That’s why we created MagicSchool.ai. We’re here to help lighten the load, so teachers can save their energy for where they shine best—in the classroom, in front of students. 

We believe teachers are irreplaceable.

Relationships at the center of learning.

This philosophy is, and always will be, foundational to how we design our tools. Teachers are the experts, and the best teaching happens as an exchange between people. That’s why our tools help free up time and energy for teachers to work directly with students and families. MagicSchool AI can save a teacher up to 10 hours per week. That’s time teachers can use to build trust with a hard-to-reach student, meet with a family to help them understand financial aid, differentiate a lesson for diverse learners, and more. 

We’ve designed our tools with the realities of teaching in mind.

Teachers don’t have time to pore over complicated new systems — which is why our tools are so simple, you can start using them immediately. 

We know your time is valuable. You can start using our tools, and saving time, as soon as you sign up. Customizing our tools takes minutes. AI is a vast and complex field, but we make it so that you can take advantage of this new technology and immediately apply it to all kinds of tasks on your plate.

Every teacher has unique context — which is why our tools are fully customizable.

The edtech field is saturated with generic (and therefore not very useful) teacher tools. We recognize that every teacher has special knowledge about their students, classroom, and school.

That’s the knowledge that makes teachers so invaluable. For maximum impact, you can always adjust our tools to your particular context, whether that’s a student’s reading level, aligned to a specific objective, teaching philosophy, or an taking into account what students have already learned.

We also know that many teachers have lessons provided - and it's their task to customize those lessons to fit their students' needs which is why many of our tools allow unique transformations of existing material.

There are some things teachers don’t need technology to help with — which is why we’ve focused on creating tools to streamline tedious tasks only teachers might recognize.

There are plenty of edtech tools meant to help teachers—and yet, most don’t serve the real needs of teachers.

Instead of only creating tools that address commonly understood aspects of teaching, we’ve drawn from research-based best practices, feedback from educators, as well as our own experiences in the classroom, to create tools that will save time on repetitive, tedious behind-the-scenes tasks that only teachers understand require tons of effort… things like generating relevant content, writing IEPs, differentiation, creating assessments, and supporting school discipline. That way, teachers can spend their time on the uniquely human, creative aspects of their work.

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