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Mission: AI literacy for every student.

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What is MagicSchool for Students? 

From the creators of MagicSchool, MagicSchool for Students is an AI platform designed to build AI literacy for students. It not only teaches students to use AI responsibly, it also unlocks learning opportunities not possible without generative AI.

Why AI for students?

Instead of banning generative AI for students, we believe that teaching and practicing responsible usage is the only way forward.

As demonstrated by the usage of AI tools like MagicSchool for educators, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others in the professional world - AI is already becoming a part of the workplace. In the future, the ability to use AI will be as important as sending an email, searching on the internet, or using a computer. As educators, it’s our responsibility to prepare our students for the age of AI they are poised to enter.

Why now?

From the start, we believed that once teachers began to integrate AI into their workflows and recognizing the utility of it as a tool (not a replacement) - they would begin to demand the same opportunity for their students.  

That is beginning to happen and educators have asked us to begin building a platform for students - and we’re eager to and excited to help meet the challenge.

Why us?

After building MagicSchool for educators into the most used and most loved AI platform - we’re confident we can do the same for students.  Our team consists of former teachers, principals, administrators, and others who collectively have over 100 years of experience as practitioners in schools.    

We’ve built hundreds of lesson plans, coached teachers to become the best versions of themselves, supported students across a wide variety of settings, and are in tune with what is actually happening with teaching and learning in schools right now.  We recognize that there are valuable uses of AI for students (and some uses that aren’t so valuable) and will co-build the platform alongside educators and students.

We’re excited to bring AI to students in practical, meaningful ways that help them build agency and unlock learning opportunities that engage and inspire.

How are MagicSchool and MagicSchool for Students connected?

The MagicSchool for Students platform is designed for building AI literacy for students.  You can expect that if you’re a teacher using MagicSchool’s AI tools for educators, MagicSchool for Students will be familiar when you bring it to students.   

We also understand that schools and districts are in different stages of AI adoption - and some will love MagicSchool’s tools for teachers but not be interested in bringing AI to their students yet. Both platforms operate independently to give districts options to adopt AI at a pace that is comfortable for them.

What about safety?

We understand the importance of privacy with student usage of AI tools. We’re FERPA and COPPA compliant and will have many safeguards in place to ensure that students are kept safe while using the platform.

How can I access MagicSchool for Students?

MagicSchool for Students is live now! Learn how to access and use the platform by watching this demo.

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