Empowering Educators with MagicSchool and Replit Deployments

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June 28, 2024
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MagicSchool gives educators powerful artificial intelligence tools to transform how they interact with students. In this case study, we will explore how MagicSchool, founded by Adeel Khan, is leveraging AI technologies to help educators save time, prevent burnout, and create a sustainable teaching environment. We will delve into MagicSchool’s technology, including how Khan deployed on Replit, and examine the future growth and potential of MagicSchool.

Meet Founder Adeel Khan

MagicSchool founder Adeel Khan has been an educator for over a decade. An entrepreneur at heart, Khan founded one of the top performing schools in Denver. Last fall, Khan went on sabbatical, right when AI took the world by storm. Like many others, he started using AI to learn to code and build projects on Replit. He quickly realized AI could transform the way educators work with students. He bought Ghostwriter and started building his first MVP of MagicSchool.

About MagicSchool

MagicSchool is a productivity app for educators. It offers tools designed to streamline various aspects of the teaching process. It leverages AI to assist with lesson planning, differentiation, assessment writing, individual education program (IEP) creation, and more. MagicSchool saves educators up to 10 hours per week, allowing them to focus more on the individual needs of their students. Watch the demo below to see MagicSchool in action.

Building MagicSchool with Replit Deployments

From the early stages, Adeel leveraged Replit's collaborative dev environment to invite software developer friends and colleagues into his project. Invites were as easy as sharing a link and Replit’s multiplayer collaboration allowed them to code and debug in real-time. As MagicSchool gained momentum, Adeel expanded his team and brought on full-time and part-time developers. Adeel launched MagicSchool 4 weeks ago and they’ve already grown to a team of 6.

Deployments have played a crucial role to the growth and development of MagicSchool. Adeel never had to worry about setting up his local dev environment or connecting disparate services to deploy his product. With Replit, he could start building in seconds. With deployments, he could spin up reliable infrastructure in minutes. When it comes to building startups, speed is a competitive advantage. Replit Deployments gives builders the ability to execute and iterate faster than ever before.

Future Growth and Next Steps

MagicSchool launched publicly on May 22. In 3 weeks, they’ve onboarded 1500+ teachers and are growing daily. Adeel has seen consistent product-led growth since the launch. Often, he’ll see a single teacher sign up and use the platform from a specific school. In 30 minutes, he’ll have two more signups and by the end of the school day he’ll have 20+ signups.

MagicSchool’s product-led viral growth is a testament to how helpful the correct AI implementation can be for educators. One of Adeel's former teachers even joined the MagicSchool team as a Marketer after her firsthand experience with the platform left her amazed.

Looking ahead, MagicSchool plans to continue its growth trajectory. The team aims to develop features such as user profiles, training the AI to generate content in educators' voices, and building an AI-powered instructional coach chatbot. Additionally, MagicSchool envisions creating custom dashboards for school districts, providing valuable insights to higher-level decision-makers. With a focus on product-led growth and an ever-expanding user base, MagicSchool is poised to revolutionize education through the seamless integration of AI into the day to day workflow of teachers.

To learn more about MagicSchool, visit their site or follow them on twitter.

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