MagicSchool AI at ISTE '23: The Magic of EdTech x AI Intersect

Steffi Grado
June 30, 2023


This week we took MagicSchool AI on the road to attend ISTE '23, the biggest EdTech conference of the year. The educator-focused conference was held in the heart of Philadelphia and welcomed more than 16K educators, school leaders, and vendors from all over the world. As first year attendees, we were excited to join the ISTE community as an emerging AI for Educators platform.

What an incredible week it has been! We had the amazing opportunity to introduce MagicSchool's mind-blowing generative AI capabilities to hundreds of K-12 teachers, school leaders, and tech innovators. The sheer delight and positive feedback we received about our platform were undeniably the highlights of our week. It's moments like these that remind us why we're so passionate about what we do!

ISTE is renowned for shining a spotlight on the brightest minds and hottest topics in EdTech. Little did we know, MagicSchool AI had the privilege of being honorable mentions in some of these engaging AI-focused discussions throughout the week. It's truly inspiring to be recognized for our work and our mission to create the most relevant generative AI assistant for teachers.

Ms. Bond sharing as a recommended tool for teachers at ISTE '23


With a robust lineup of educational technology trends, innovations, and industry leaders sharing their insights, one of the most significant trends from this year's conference was AI, which is making a massive impact on the educational sector. According to a study conducted by the New Media Consortium, artificial intelligence is among the top ten educational technologies set to drive dramatic shifts in education over the next few years. And it's easy to see why, AI has the capacity to provide personalized learning experiences for students, feedback on their performance, and support teachers in their daily work. At MagicSchool AI, we are working to empower teachers by providing them with a cutting-edge generative AI assistance that can help  expedite some of the daily tasks and free up time to spend it more meaningfully in the classroom.

During the conference, we were delighted to share the MagicSchool AI platform with educators and school leaders from all over the world. Demo after demo, we listened to teachers share how helpful MagicSchool will be in the coming school year -- in saving time and reducing their workload. Teachers jumped right in testing out their own use cases with MagicSchool's 30+ tools including the text leveler, make it relevant, IEP assistant, Raina chatbot, and more.

At MagicSchool AI, we understand that the role of technology, including AI, is not to replace teachers, but to support them. Our generative AI assistant has been created with the sole purpose of helping teachers to simplify complex tasks, save time and simplify lesson planning. We believe that AI can help schools deal with the growing challenge of high student-to-teacher ratios by providing each educator with an AI assistant designed by educators, for educators.


Attending ISTE '23 was a great opportunity for us to showcase our AI platform, connect with educators and school leaders from different parts of the world, and learn from other industry experts. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about how others are beginning to think about AI and its application this '23-'24 school year and for years to come. At MagicSchool AI, we are excited to be spearheading this conversation by delivering on the very best generative AI assistants for teachers -- helping them complete supportive tasks 10x faster. We are looking forward to continuing our mission of using AI technology to empower educators, providing immediate, adaptive, and tailored support so that they can focus on developing future-ready students. See y'all next year for ISTE '24 in our hometown of Denver, Colorado!

Bringing the Magic at ISTE '23!