MagicSchool Gets A New Look: Inside the MagicSchool Rebrand

Steffi Grado
October 12, 2023

New look, same MagicSchool... we've pulled the rabbit out of the hat for a brand new look!

The Magic Behind Our New Look

Today, we introduce a rebranding that honors the magic we've created together and celebrates our shared mission of empowering more teachers in the classroom with the help of AI.

While our look may have evolved, the core of who we are remains unchanged – we are lifelong educators on a mission to help teachers reclaim time with the magic of AI. And to keep these magic moments going, we present you a plot twist to our story... Meet our newest member, a charming and furry addition to the MagicSchool team!

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The Legend and Lore of a Magical Rabbit

Because every good rabbit has an origin story... In the heart of Educaria, a remarkable rabbit emerges. Beyond its adorable appearance, this bunny possesses an unwavering dedication to supporting educators worldwide. Equipped with magical powers and tech expertise, this captivating creature is destined to revolutionize education.

Help Us Name Our Magical Mascot!

Our new friend deserves a name as fantastical as its tale. And who better to name our newest member than our amazing community? So, put on your thinking caps, unleash your creativity, and help us find a name that fits the magic of our teacher loving bunny.

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