MagicSchool BTS: Meet Ilana, Lifelong Educator and MagicSchool Engineer

Steffi Grado
September 26, 2023

Curious about the projects this educator turned engineer is working on? We're delighted you inquired!Another Behind-The-Scenes moment brought to you by MagicSchool AI, featuring Educator and Engineer Ilana Bye.

MagicTeam Storytime: Ilana Bye, Lifelong Educator and MagicSchool Engineer

Ilana knows the educator’s struggle. “As a math teacher, I regularly incorporated YouTube videos to draw students into my lessons. Videos showcasing real-life applications of the math concepts we were about to learn served as perfect hooks. I watched videos at 1.5x or 2x speed to ensure they aligned with my teaching goals. If only I had the YouTube Video tools back then—it would have been a true time-saver."

Nowadays she wears a coder’s cap for the MagicSchool team and is crafting time saving solutions, full time, for educators worldwide. It’s a dream come true for this Math and Science teacher turned software engineer and a responsibility that she doesn’t take lightly. 🚀

The teacher tools of her dreams.

Curious about the types of tools this educator turned engineer is building? Check out two of her latest MagicSchool tools:

🎥 YouTube Video Summarizer

YouTube Video Question Generator

“I developed these tools recognizing the power of videos to engage students and convey content. However, finding and prepping the right video can be time-consuming. These YouTube Tools are here to alleviate that challenge and save teachers time.”

Check out her work on these latest tools at and drop a line to say hey! We love hearing from you 🍎