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Special Pricing

See features chart below for what's included
  • Lock in special discounted pricing for innovators partners (including a pilot offering for the remainder of the 23-24 SY). MagicSchool for Students (MagicStudent) included.

Why MagicSchool?

  • The most used and loved AI platform for educators worldwide.  Over 1.5 million educators embracing AI with MagicSchool and growing.
  • All of your AI needs for teachers and students in one place: Your "one stop shop" for AI in education. Continually updated with the latest and greatest features and tools.  And recently launched MagicSchool for Students (MagicStudent) to build AI literacy for students and bring responsible AI usage to your school.
  • Save time, fight burnout, & promote sustainability. An AI assistant to lighten your load and help you shine where it counts the most - with your students!
  • ‍Build AI Competencies and Skills! MagicSchool not only makes it easy to use AI in your workflow, it also helps build skills and knowledge about AI in the process.

What's Included?


But wait, is MagicSchool still free for teachers?

Yes! We will always offer a generous free version of MagicSchool for teachers after January 16th - but some of the new MagicSchool Plus features will be limited. Most functionalities of the platform that you’ve grown to love remain free, with the new additional features being incorporated into our Enterprise and Plus tiers.

How can I ensure I get all the features of MagicSchool Plus after January 16th?

We would love to bring all the features of MagicSchool Plus to you and your colleagues. Apply for our AI Innovators program to secure a special discount for our school / district licenses and a low-cost pilot program through the end of the school year. Click here to apply for the innovators program now.

If my school or district does not get a license, can I still get MagicSchool Plus?

At the request of our users, we will also offer an individual subscriber model for MagicSchool in case your school isn’t ready to partner. You can learn more by clicking "Upgrade" on the sidebar in the app.

How much will MagicSchool Plus cost?

For school and district licenses, we're running low cost promotional pilots for those who join our AI Innovators Program before the end of 2024. Details for school and district pricing and volume-based discounts will be shared in our meeting after the application is completed.

For individual subscribers, pricing is as follows:

  • Billed Monthly: 12.99 per month
  • Billed Yearly (36% discount): 8.33 per month ($99.96 yearly). 
How does pricing compare to other AI platforms?

Many AI tools aren’t built with the needs of teachers in mind and are priced beyond their reach. With Microsoft Copilot being priced at $30 a month and ChatGPT Plus priced at $20 per month, we wanted to make accessible pricing option for teachers and a tool that integrates into educator workflows more seamlessly.

Our yearly cost is over 50% lower than both Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT Plus.

What if I sign up for MagicSchool Plus and then my school / district becomes an innovators partner and gets an Enterprise license for me?

Great question! We’re happy to give you a prorated refund of your purchase price for our individual subscriber model if your school signs on. Just make sure you sign up with your school e-mail address and let us know.

How will usage / words generated be limited across the different tiers?

For MagicSchool users on the free platform, limits will change dynamically based on overall usage to ensure smooth access for our premium users. The calculation we use intends for the majority of users not to hit a generation limit until nearing the end of the month and power users to be limited sooner. Limits will reset monthly and users will get a warning as they’re getting close to their limit.

For MagicSchool Plus and MagicSchool Enterprise users, you will have unlimited* access.

*Only the top .1% of users will be capped to prevent account sharing and other extreme cases.

How will I know if I’m close to my limit if I’m a free user?

Since usage limits change dynamically based on total platform usage, we’re not able to share that with you precisely (but you will get a warning when you're getting close as described above). If you love MagicSchool, let your school administration know so they can join the AI Innovators Program or if your school isn’t ready, subscribe to MagicSchool Plus.

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