Classroom Essentials: The YouTube Video Question Generator

Steffi Grado
September 14, 2023

For teachers looking to easily incorporate video into their lesson plans, this new tool is a must.

Educators, meet your next essential tool: the YouTube Video Question Generator by MagicSchool AI. It simplifies integrating videos into lessons while ensuring students grasp the content. ✨

Transform video into engaging questions in seconds


1. Fill in your grade level, the number of questions desired, and the type of questions you want (multiple choice, free response).

2. Paste the URL or Video ID that you copied for the YouTube Video*

3. Click generate to create the questions based on the video!

4. Click the copy button in the top right hand corner to take the questions to your student materials!

*If the creator of the YouTube video has not enabled captions, the tool will not work. The good news is most all videos have captions enabled!

Demo of YouTube Video Question Generator turning a video link into a set of questions for students.


Use case:   For a lesson hook, you found a fantastic short video on YouTube that can engage students about the topic you’re about to teach:  Dinosaurs!  Generate some quick questions to associate with the video and paste them at the start of the lesson to pique student curiosity before getting into the content of your lesson!


Simply put, the MagicSchool AI YouTube Video Question Generator offers educators an effective tool to combine video content with relevant questions for more engaging lessons. How do you plan to use it in your classroom this year? Give it a try today!