Enhancing Student Outcomes and Restorative Practices using MagicSchool AI

Steffi Grado
July 6, 2023

MagicSchool AI was featured in an AI in education research carried out by graduate student Malcolm Ramey at Columbia University's Teachers College as part of his New School Design Project. The objective of the study was to investigate the applications and integration of AI in a secondary school specifically utilizing MagicSchool AI. Below is a concise summary of Malcom Ramey's new school design and findings.

The Challenge

Innova Academy was grappling with providing personalized instruction for Darien, a student struggling with fractions. Additionally, they needed an unbiased tool to aid in decision-making for restorative practices.

The MagicSchool AI Tools: Assignment Scaffolder, Math Story Word Problem, Restorative Reflection Generator

The Outcome

Innova Academy implemented MagicSchool AI, a generative AI platform, to address these challenges. Through data analysis, MagicSchool AI helped Ms. Warren, Darien's teacher, identify his problem areas and deliver personalized instruction. Visual aids and problems related to Darien's interest in basketball were used to enhance his understanding of fractions.

Simultaneously, MagicSchool AI's technology was used in restorative practices, identifying effective interventions for specific behaviors and recommending strategies like mediation and community service.

The outcomes were striking. Darien's math performance improved and he gained confidence in solving fraction problems. Furthermore, the restorative practices implemented through AI insights promoted a more positive and inclusive school culture.

Sample Use of Restorative Reflection Generator Tool

Key Takeaways

MagicSchool AI is an effective tool for delivering personalized instruction and supporting restorative practices in education. By utilizing AI, teachers can develop tailored strategies to improve student performance and engagement. Furthermore, AI can contribute to more consistent and fair decision-making in restorative practices. MagicSchool AI highlights the complementary role AI can play alongside human expertise in education, enhancing academic performance, promoting inclusivity, and strengthening social-emotional development.

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