Introducing MagicSchool 3.0

Steffi Grado
December 14, 2023

Your favorite generative AI for educators just got even better.

Our biggest updates to the MagicSchool platform ever.

MagicSchool 3.0

You can now collaborate with Raina to further discuss and enhance all your outputs with a full memory of prior outputs. Whether it's rewriting, adding content, differentiation, creating resources, or any other customization, Raina is here to assist you in every single tool.

Custom Prompt Library:  You now have a built in space where you can add and store your own custom prompts in Raina and Magic Tools that meet your specific needs.

Formatted Outputs:  We’ve redesigned the format for our outputs so that they are more student-friendly and ready to share!

Google Forms Exports: You can now easily export multiple choice assessments to a google form, making it much easier to share your quizzes with your students. Give it a try in the YouTube Questions Generator and Multiple Choice Assessment Generator!

Coming Soon

Is all of this free forever? We always plan to have a generous free version of MagicSchool for teachers.  We’re planning to announce the differences between our free offering, MagicSchool Plus, and MagicSchool Enterprise for schools publicly next week.  

To ensure your school always has access to the most powerful version of MagicSchool - tell your school leaders to apply for our AI Innovators Program for schools and districts here.