Made With Magic: MagicSchool AI Twitter X Contest

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Adeel Khan
June 28, 2024
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"Made With Magic" MagicSchool AI Twitter X Contest

Today, we’re launching our #MadeWithMagic Twitter X Contest to help spread the word about great use cases for MagicSchool for educators on Twitter!  

What is the #MadeWithMagic Contest? 

We are asking MagicSchool’s users to share relevant, creative, and interesting use cases for MagicSchool’s AI publicly on Twitter tagging @magicschoolai and using the hashtag #madewithmagic.  

Why are we doing it?

We’ve heard some really creative and inspiring use cases from educators using MagicSchool - and others could benefit from how you’re using it to save time and fight burnout.  We also want to demonstrate responsible usage, so be sure to share how you reviewed content before implementation. The tweets will serve as a guide for best practices and use cases for AI to spread to educators around the world!


We will “sprinkle” magic dust and DM at least 50 users $10 Amazon gift cards based on the quality of the tweet, likes, and retweets.

Grand Prize

For the most interesting, creative, specific, or relevant use case, we will award a $100 gift card!  We will also take into account the number of likes and retweets when determining the grand prize winner!


Contest starts now and ends on Friday, September 8th.  

How to Participate + Examples

  1. Tweet your “Made with Magic” use case for MagicSchool with the hashtag #madewithmagic and tag @magicschoolai. Be as specific as possible so others can learn from how you’re using AI!

  2. Example: I forgot to make a rubric for a speech I was grading. I made one in literally less than a minute using the rubric generator. I deleted one column that I didn't want to give a grade for on this speech and presto, I had it before students were done with their warm-up. #madewithmagic @magicschoolai
  3. Example: I wanted to make more engaging word problems for my students (my math workbooks were way boring and out of date). I used the math word problem generator to create word problems based on Harry Potter - which my students were reading in English classes. I got lots of chuckles as they were reading through the problems. #madewithmagic @magicschoolai
  4. Example: I struggle to build rubrics, but I like what I see using #AIinEdu. Are the #AI-generated rubrics flawless? No, but they give me something to start with, edit, and work from. I love what I see with @magicschoolai's rubric generator. Add a standard, title, summary, scale, and more. #madewithmagic @magicschoolai

Tweet now to share your #MadeWithMagic use case!

Be sure to tag @magicschoolai and include #madewithmagic. You can even save and include this photo in your post! Help spread the word for a chance to win! Best of luck.

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Share your best #MadeWithMagic use cases for the chance to win! Contest ends Friday, September 8th.

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