Make Your Assignments AI-Resistant This Year

Adeel Khan
August 7, 2023

Make Your Assignments ChatGPT-Resistant & New Tools

There has been a lot of dialogue around AI detectors to prevent student misuse of chatbots like ChatGPT. OpenAI just retired their AI writing detector because it has been unreliable.

At MagicSchool, we think the race toward building an "AI-Writing Detector" is a losing battle - and ultimately, we'd rather help you build assignments that push your students to do thinking only possible by humans! With the help of our community, we've come up with a new tool to help you as you build new assignments in the age of AI chatbots like ChatGPT.

Introducing the AI-Resistant Assignment Suggestions tool in MagicSchool

You simply enter your assignment description, and you'll get three suggestions on how to modify or improve the assignment to make it "AI-Resistant." Try it now.

Higher level student thinking through AI-Resistant Assignments

Additional New Tools

We also added some really exciting new tools today: Sports Coach Practice Generator, Data Table Generator, and Syllabus Generator. Sign up for free and try them out now.

Many of these new tools were inspired by our AI Pioneers community! We’d love to have you join as an AI Pioneer to help build the future of education.

Apply now and join our community!