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Scroll through the list below to see all 60+ of the incredible AI tools for educators in MagicSchool.  Click the links to see the tools in action and learn how they support educators.

Generate a 5E model lesson plan for your science class. Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.
Enter your assignment description to receive suggestions on making it more challenging for AI chatbots, promoting higher level thinking among students.
Generate original academic content for your classes customized to the topic and criteria of your choice.
Generate a list of 5-10 accommodations for a student who needs support, has a 504 plan, IEP, or BIP.
Take any assignment and empower students by breaking it down into manageable steps, fostering stronger understanding and enabling greater independence.
Generate suggestions for a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) based on observed behaviors.
Generate a list of 3-5 suggestions for behavior intervention based on the behaviors of a student that needs support.
Creates a choice board for student assignments based on Universal Design for Learning principles.
Generate a newsletter to send to families weekly.
Take a set of directions you’ve created and make them more concise and sequential so they’re easier to understand for your students.
Generate a plan for practice for any sport that you’re coaching!
Write a song to celebrate a colleague to the tune of the song of your choice!
Generate the most common misconceptions on any topic you are teaching and get strategies to address them with your students.
Generate ideas about how to help your students build conceptual understanding of a topic or standard you’re teaching in class.
Create a custom chatbot to interact with based on any criteria that you choose!
Generate questions based on topic or standard for each of the 4 Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels.
Use AI to generate a table with data of your choice for your class with associated questions that students can analyze in an assignment.
Generate a decodable text based on the Science of Reading to support early literacy for younger students.
Generate a professional e-mail communication to families and translate into multiple languages.
Generate a customized professional e-mail communication in response to an email that you received.
Have AI write exemplar & non-exemplar responses to specific assignments to help "see" what is expected.
Generate a draft of an individualized education program (IEP) customized to a students' needs.
Generate original informational texts for your class choosing between literary nonfiction, expository, argument or persuasion, and procedural texts customized to the topic of your choice.
Generate a lesson plan for a topic or objective you’re teaching.
Generate a letter of recommendation to a university or institution for a student using specific content about them.
Generate several ideas that make what you’re teaching relevant to your class based on their interests and background.
Generate a brief spiral review activity to provide students with an opportunity to practice skills they've mastered and reinforce skills they still need to work on.
Write a custom math word / story problem based on the concept you’re teaching and a story topic.
Based on any topic, generate a warmup, academic content, key vocabulary, text dependent questions, and a writing prompt aligned to standards.
Generate a multiple choice quiz and answer key based on any text and customized by question type.
Use AI to produce a few clear explanations of concepts that you’re teaching in class to help student understanding.
Generate a professional e-mail communication to a colleague or other professional you're communicating with.
Based on the principles of Project Based Learning (PBL), create a full project plan based on any topic with aligned standards.
Generate a multiple choice reading quiz and answer key based on any text.
Generate a narrative end of year comment for a student in your advisory.
Create a student reflection assignment based on restorative practices for a student involved in a disciplinary incident specific to the details of the incident.
Have AI write a rubric for an assignment you are creating for your class in a table format.
Generate a practice SAT reading passage and associated questions for student practice along with an answer key.
Generate practice questions in the style of the SAT reading section based on any text of your choice.
Generate an engaging science lab based on topics and standards of your choice. (Review closely for factual content and potential bias before usage.)
Generate a social story about a particular situation, event, or activity, which include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why for a student with autism.
Based on a custom criteria, have AI give areas of strength & areas for growth on student work.
Generate a syllabus based on information provided about your class for the school year.
Generate areas of strength and suggestions for next steps for a teacher based on a classroom observation.
Create a team builder / Ice Breaker for virtual or in-person meetings.
Generate a text based analysis assignment that includes a writing prompt along with text dependent questions that are aligned to the prompt.
Generate text-dependent questions for students based on any text that you input.
Take any text and adapt it for any grade level to fit a student's reading level / skills.
Take any text and have it proofread, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and adding clarity.
Take any text and rewrite it in different words, more concise, for a new audience, change topics or characters - anything!
Take any text and scaffold it (define tier 2 & 3 vocab and ask literal questions) for readers who are behind grade level or need extra support.
Take any text and summarize it in whatever length you choose.
Take any text and translate it into any language instantly.
Generate a customized thank you note to show your appreciation! (Just in time for Thanksgiving!)
Write a three dimensional science assessment using NGSS standards.
Generate a draft of a unit plan based on topic, standards and objectives, and length of unit.
Generate a list of vocabulary words based on a subject, topic, or text that are important for students to learn.
Generate original texts for your class that include a custom list of vocabulary to help practice the words in context.
Generate guiding questions aligned to a YouTube video. **Videos will not load if the author did not enable closed captions.
Get a summary of a YouTube video in whatever length you choose. **Videos will not load if the author did not enable closed captions.
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