New on MagicSchool: Replay, Share, and Enhanced History

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Steffi Grado
June 28, 2024
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By popular demand, you can now edit and share both your “recipes” and generated outputs in MagicSchool!

Introducing "Replay", “Share”, and Enhanced History

Our founder, Adeel Khan, recently showcased these latest new features in the video below - watch it for a quick run through of how to use them!

A quick guide to these new features! 

1. Replay Previous Generations
Ever wished you could revisit the exact steps of your best outputs? With the 'Replay' button, now you can! Access both the inputs you made to generate the output in addition to the generated output.   Making it easier than ever to understand your content generations, recreate, and tweak your favorite time-saving materials with ease.

Gif of the process of replaying previous generations

2. Sharing Your Generations!
Sharing is caring, and with our new share feature, you can spread the magic far and wide. Whether you want to share your work publicly or keep it within your organization (partners only), we've got you covered. Plus, shared links now come with a replay of the input, offering recipients a holistic view of your creation.

Gif of the process of sharing your generation

3. Enhanced History - Title your favorite outputs and more!
Now, in history you can rename your creations for easy navigation and enjoy dynamic input-output editing to fine-tune your content at the click of a button.   Click the “Replay” icon - modify your inputs, click generate, and see the magic unfold. 

Gif of the process of editing your generation's title

Explore For Yourself! Try It Now.

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