Thanksgiving Tools for Teachers

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Steffi Grado
June 28, 2024
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Giving thanks to you, our magical community!


We know that our US based educators are likely off next week - and front of mind is time with your family, resting, and giving thanks.

Well, we're thankful for you - and wanted to give you a few more tools that you might want to explore when you get a moment. These tools are a great way to have some fun over the break and to feel empowered upon your return.

Five different MagicSchool tools that are recommended for the holiday break

Tools for Your Holiday Break!

  1. Teacher Joke Generator - It's baaaaack - and we know you have some family who would appreciate a cheesey AI generated joke.
  2. Gift Suggestion Generator - Perfect for all your Black Friday shopping needs - generate some suggestions for gifts for all your loved ones based on their interests.
  3. Quote of the Day Generator - Generate some great quotes that inspire for a gratitude toast at the dinner table!
  4. Thank You Note Generator - Generate customized thank you notes for your loved ones in the season of giving with an AI assist!
  5. Song Generator - On any topic, generate a song to the tune of your choice to brighten someone's day!

Three tools that are recommended for after break

New Tools for When You Get Back!

  1. Sentence Starters Generator - Provide sentence starters for any topic, assignment, standard, or objective.
  2. Group Work Generator - Generate group work activity for students aligned to a topic, standard, or objective of your choosing.
  3. Standards Unpacker Tool - Unpack any standard to break it down into specific, manageable components to understand exactly what students need to learn and achieve.

We are so grateful for our magical community. Check out these new tools now!

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