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Below, you'll find free resources to level up your AI knowledge for education! Level up your AI knowledge and skills with these professional development sessions, certification courses, printable one-pagers, student facing lessons, and useful resources!

Complete List of MagicSchool Tools

Resource Title
Description of Resource
Complete list of all of the MagicSchool for Teachers Tools.
Complete list of all of the MagicSchool for Students Tools.

MagicSchool for Educators Certification Courses

Course Title
Description of Course
The Level One MagicSchool Certification Course introduces you to MagicSchool and helps you navigate the platform, utilize the tools, and learn best practices.
Explore the Level Two MagicSchool Certification Course to learn basic prompt writing, how to modify your outputs, save custom prompts, and export outputs.
The Level Three MagicSchool Certification Course guides you through AI systems, how MagicSchool uses AI to produce the best outputs, and how to promote safe AI usage in schools
The How to Use MagicSchool Image Generator Course guides you through how to write prompts and use the tools in Adobe Express to produce the image you want.

MagicSchool for Students Certification Courses

Course Title
Description of Course
For Educators- Learn how to navigate the platform and dive into MagicSchool for Students to understand how you can bring AI to your students.
For Educators- Learn how to customize tools before assigning them to students so that you can create an engaging and effective experience for your students.
For Students- This is our first ever student facing course for MagicSchool. You can assign this to your students so they can get AI certified and learn how to use MagicSchool's AI responsibly.

MagicSchool for Educators PD Training and Resources

Resource Title
Description of Resource
Use the MagicSchool Staff Training Presentations to help train your staff to get the most out MagicSchool. Explore both the Introductory and Intermediate level trainings to effectively meet the needs of your staff.  
Explore role specific trainings and resources for Elective, Math, Reading, Science, Social Students, Special Education teachers and Administrators.  
Find and print One Page documents that will help your teachers learn how to use the most often used MagicSchool for Teachers Tools

MagicSchool for Students PD Training and Resources

Resource Title
Description of Resource
Use this lesson plan, slide deck, and associated resources to introduce your students to MagicSchool.  
Introduce MagicSchool for Students to the families in your school community with this parent letter, student contract, and parent facing slide deck.
Find Printable One Page documents that will help students:
1- Understand the Basics of MagicSchool
2- Learn Basic Prompting
3- Use MagicSchool Responsibly
Explore how MagicSchool Tools for Students work, learn how to assign specific tools to students, explore best practices when using AI with students, understand what your students will see when you assign tools to them, and understand how to navigate your teacher dashboard when using MagicSchool Student Tools.
These slides are to be used as a resource for supporting your students with MagicSchool Tools. Think of these slides as a “How-To” mini-guide for each MagicSchool for Students tool.

External Resources

AI Education Resources

Resource Title
Whether you're taking a deep dive or just dipping your toes in, we have everything you need to teach AI with ease with these resources from The AI Project.   
Quick, grab-and-go lessons to help your students think critically about AI and its impact with these resources by Common Sense Education.
AI4ALL Open Learning offers free curriculum and teacher resources so that educators of any subject can increase access to AI education in their communities.
Navigate AI in education by examining essential AI concepts, techniques, and tools, highlighting practical applications in this Microsoft Learning Course.
The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights is a set of five principles and associated practices to help guide the design, use, and deployment of automated systems to protect the rights of the American public in the age of artificial intelligence
In the 2023 legislative session, at least 25 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia introduced artificial intelligence bills, and 18 states and Puerto Rico adopted resolutions or enacted legislation. You can find additional information about these legislations here.
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