Use Cases for Higher Education
Higher Education: Higher education professionals,  enhance your teaching with MagicSchool AI! Create AI-resistant assignments, provide feedback to students, craft recommendation letters, and design syllabi effortlessly. 
Top MagicSchool Tools for Higher Education:
AI Resistant Assignment Suggestion
Combat tech-savvy shortcuts! Develop robust assignments that AI tools can't crack, ensuring authentic student work.
Letter of Recommendation Generator
Recommend with ease! Craft impactful, personalized letters for your students in record time.
Student Work Feedback Tool
Continuous growth is key! Gather genuine, actionable feedback from students to refine your courses and teaching style.
Syllabus Generator
Generate a syllabus that is specific to the focus areas of your course in minutes.
Top 4 Tools for Higher Education:
Example Generations:
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Quickly write a college recommendation letter
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