Use Cases for Special Education Teachers
Special Education Teachers: Special education teachers, unlock personalized support with MagicSchool AI! Seamlessly generate IEPs, conduct precise diagnostic assessments, and scaffold assignments effortlessly. Our AI tools can also recommend tailored accommodations and level texts to meet diverse needs. Enhance individualized learning experiences, making education inclusive and empowering for every student.
Top MagicSchool Tools for Special Education Teachers:
IEP Generator
Generate a draft of an IEP for a student with disabilities. Review closely before implementation and use this tool for suggestion only.
Accommodation Suggestion Generator
Tailor your teaching approach! Get top-notch suggestions to accommodate diverse learning needs in your classroom.
Text Leveler
Every student reads differently. See how you can tweak text levels to match every learner's pace and comprehension. 
Diagnostic Assessment Generator
Start right! Easily craft assessments to gauge your students' initial knowledge and set the tone for the year.
Assignment Scaffolder
Bid farewell to one-size-fits-all! Create layered assignments that cater to every student's skill level. 
Example Generations:
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Example IEP draft generation
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