Use Cases for Technology Coaches
Technology Coaches: Technology coaches, level up with MagicSchool AI! Design AI-resistant tasks, offer student feedback, make your course content relevant, and craft video-based questions effortlessly. Revolutionize tech education and foster engagement with MagicSchool AI. 
Top MagicSchool Tools for Technology Coaches:
AI Resistant Assignment Suggestion
Tired of students cheating with AI? Discover assignments that are AI-proof, keeping the focus on genuine learning!
YouTube Video Question Generator
Harness the power of video! Create engaging questions based on any YouTube video content with a click.
Make It Relevant
Connect learning to the real world! Get tips and tricks to make lessons relatable and engaging for every student.
Student Work Feedback Tool
Feedback made easy! Streamline your response process with insightful, constructive critiques for student work.
Top 4 Tools for Technology Coaches:
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