Use Cases for Elementary Teachers
Elementary Teachers: Elementary teachers, enhance your classroom magic with MagicSchool AI! Create engaging projects, interactive choice boards, decodable texts, clear instructions, and even teacher jokes effortlessly. Explore our MagicSchool tools today! 
Top MagicSchool Tools for Elementary Teachers:
Choice Board Generator
Give students agency over their learning by giving them choice over how they explore a given topic. Based on Universal Design for Learning principles, this choice board generator gives you multiple options for students to explore a specific topic.
Decodable Text Generator
Generate a decodable text that can give early readers the practice they need to support their growth in reading fluency and comprehension.
Teacher Joke Generator
Lighten the mood! Drop a few classroom chuckles with our funniest, teacher-approved jokes.
Clear Directions
Help students understand your instructions the first time! Make sure your directions are concise and sequential so you don’t have to repeat yourself.
Example Generations:
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Give 7th grade students choices for how to explore the phases of mitosis
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