Use Cases for ESL Teachers
ESL Teachers: ESL teachers can enhance language learning with MagicSchool AI! Translate, summarize, and scaffold texts effortlessly. Tackle misconceptions in a snap.  Elevate student comprehension, making language education engaging and effective with MagicSchool AI. 
Top MagicSchool Tools for ESL Teachers:
Text Translator Tool
Lost in translation? No more! Watch us effortlessly flip text into multiple languages.
Text Summarizer Tool
Drowning in info? We'll show you how to condense long texts into bite-sized summaries for you and your students.
Common Misconceptions Generator
Mistakes? Let's nip them in the bud! We'll unveil those common slip-ups and how to tackle 'em.
Text Scaffolder Tool
Make reading accessible for all! See how to break down tricky texts into digestible chunks.
Example Generations:
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