Use Cases for All Teachers
Top Tools for All Teachers: At MagicSchool, our goal is to provide every teacher with an AI assistant that helps them save time. Curious how teachers are using MagicSchool? Here are the top 5 tools that teachers are using right now.
Top MagicSchool Tools for All Teachers:
Lesson Plan Generator
Generate a lesson plan for any topic or objective you are teaching
Multi Step Assignment Generator
Based on any topic, generate a warmup, academic content, key vocabulary, text dependent questions, and a writing prompt aligned to standards.
YouTube Question Generator
Generate guiding questions aligned to a YouTube video.
Multiple Choice Quiz Text Based
Generate a multiple choice quiz and answer key based on any text and customized by question type.
Text Rewriter Tool
Take any text and rewrite it in different words, more concise, for a new audience, change topics of characters- anything!
AI Resistant Assignment Suggestion
Combat tech-savvy shortcuts! Develop robust assignments that AI tools can't crack, ensuring authentic student work.
Example Generations:
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Generate a lesson plan from scratch for a biology lesson focused on characteristics of cells.
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