MagicSchool Love

Dr. La Tricia Clark
The platform offers an array of tools that are every teacher's dream, covering all the bases when it comes to designing a personalized learning experience for students of different levels. The text rewriter and proofreading tools were already favorites, but the scaffolding tool took my breath away. It is an excellent supplement to outdated curricula, enabling teachers to make lessons more relevant and explicit while supporting differentiated instruction in a matter of seconds.
Dr. Jamie Burton
Principal, New Hope Elementary
As a principal, I am excited to be sharing this tool with educators across our system. Teachers familiar with AI are already using chatbots to do some of the same work as MagicSchool. MagicSchool is making this work even easier for busy educators by providing categories with easy prompt input enabling teachers to be more efficient with their time. MagicSchool is bridging the latest advancements with AI to teacher classrooms.
Zach Kennelly
AP Psychology and Civics Teacher
MagicSchool is a suite of powerful tools that instantly make me more efficient and effective. I most appreciated the Multiple Explanations for Complex Concepts - this can be used quickly across many contents and classes to support student learning and ensure teacher intellectual prep is concise and practical. I also love the Text-Dependent Questions tool! It generates high-leverage questions instantly. MagicSchool is a great way to leverage AI as an educator. It is already a part of my routine!
Wendy Stover
Elementary EdTech Instructional Coach
In our workshops this past week, we highlighted Raina for when we cannot provide that "just in time" support. We also highlighted the new Assignment Scaffolder. When designing lessons, we think about the potential barriers for students and MagicSchool is a place to provide scaffolding, vocabulary, differentiated text passages, concise step by step directions, and more.
Laura Crunk
Instructional Technology Coach
My favorite MagicSchool tools are Make It Relevant and Multiple Explanations of Complex Concepts. Both of those tools harness the neuroscience of learning. The brain remembers things that it has an emotional connection to, hence the importance of relevance. Repeated exposure to a new concept through a variety of explanations also helps the brain learn and remember new content.
Kazuko Saito
Adjunct Lecturer/Japanese and EdTech Faculty Fellow
So much to love about MagicSchool. I found the Class Newsletter Tool to be very user-friendly for creating announcement emails to families in our classroom. Although I wrote the original content in Japanese, MagicSchool.AI effortlessly translated it into English without any errors. This tool has been a great time-saver for me. Similarly, generating quizzes has become a breeze with MagicSchool.AI. I can quickly create reading comprehension questions and multiple choice answers with answer keys, saving me valuable time in preparation.
Nichole MacVittie
College Counselor
MagicSchool doesn't just help, it really does generate outputs that I can use. I didn’t expect it to produce this level of quality, I would have guessed it would have just provided a starting point, after a brief editing process I'm saving hours of time.
Mike Botti
Learning Coach
I love so many of the planning tools for teachers. These tools help make it even easier for teachers to be able to provide modifications and scaffolds for assignments, or texts. Our district is starting our UDL journey and some many of these tools in the planning module of MagicSchool will really empower our teachers to be able to address the diverse needs of our students, which typically takes hours of time but can now be done in minutes.
Elizabeth Zimmerman
2nd Grade Teacher
I was blown away by the functionality of the Informational Text Generator in MagicSchool. As a teacher, I am often looking for the perfect text that aligns with the content we are learning and addresses the learning objectives. Now we can almost instantly generate the perfect text! I also love the Common Misconception Generator. I think this tool will be so powerful for driving instruction and meeting the needs of diverse learners.
Alston Albarado
Enrichment Teacher
These tools - the Multiple Choice Quiz Generator, Assignment Scaffolder, Reading Quiz Generator, and Class Newsletter Tool - have revolutionized the way I teach and interact with my students. They save time, promote student engagement and success, and strengthen the ties between my classroom and its wider community. With these powerful resources at my disposal, I feel empowered to create a truly extraordinary learning experience for my students.
Eric Santos
Regional Educational Technology Coordinator
The Text Leveler and MC quiz generator are my current favorites. As a science teacher, these would have saved me a ton of time. Differentiating text without losing content and vocabulary use was an extremely time consuming task. Creating formatives was my next biggest time suck. But both are high impact strategies. These tools allow me to automate tasks that are repetitive yet required attention to detail. This leaves me a lot more time for other tasks like designing summative assessments and responding to student needs.
Christopher Lopez
Assistant Principal of Instruction
I love the tool for "Vocabulary List" ! It is immensely helpful to identify and have a list of relevant words when lesson planning. This aids the in explicit instruction of vocabulary and helps students who are learning English or students who benefit from clear vocabulary instruction in any content.
Youssef Ayoub
CS Teacher
I think that the text rewriter and proofreading tools are my favorites, but the scaffolding tool took my breath away. It is an excellent supplement to outdated curricula, enabling teachers to make lessons more relevant and explicit while supporting differentiated instruction in a matter of seconds.
William Shannon
Social Studies / Technology Teacher
What's not to like? This can make any teacher's life easier so far I have tried to play with all the tools, but I do enjoy the scaffolder tool just to help start some new lessons and units for the next school year.
Karen Corsello
I wish I had this tool since the beginning of my teaching days! I could have saved so much time! In all honestly, the content that your tool generated was better than most of what I ever generated on my own. I can't wait for other teachers to feel this magical!
Jack Huber
Head Teacher
On a personal level, I understand power of education, and I think that MagicSchool.AI is a tool that will help students learn and succeed. I believe that innovative technologies can make a huge difference in how we teach, and in the lives of students.
Alfonso Mendoza
Instructional Software Specialist
Text Leveler tool is a great way for teachers to adapt material to meet their learner needs. The communications tool is also a time saver. With these two alone teachers can get their time back.
Jill Mathieu
Instructional Technology Coach
I really love the personalized learning features like the “Math Story Word Problems” - real world context enhances engagement, Text-Dependent Questions save teachers time and helps develop comprehension checks
Alexis Underwood
6th Grade ELA Teacher/ELA Subject Coordinator/Multicultural Literature Instructor
The suite of "Student Support Tools" is a gamechanger; creating accommodations and recommendations for 504s, IEPs, and BIPs will allow me to be more specific and helpful in these meetings with our special education teachers.
Stephanie Jacobs
Teacher - Science 8th grade
There are so many tools I love in MagicSchool! But as a middle school teacher, I know that if the topic isn't relevant to my students, they have a difficult time buying into it. For that reason, "Make It Relevant" is a tool at the top of my list. The students in my classes all have mixed abilities. many of them are in the exceptional children's program, while others are in advanced math and ELA; all mixed in my classroom! With this being said, the "Text Leveler Tool" and the "Text Rewriter Tool" help me differentiate lessons for them. So those are some of my favorites too!
Damon Pitt
Ultimately, MagicSchool provides teachers with with an efficient and effective way to innovate lessons at grade level for any student. The way it is able to personalize learning is a game changer, however, if I had to name a tool that sticks out the most for me, I would say the scaffolding tool. This tool alone provides more depth and constructive meaning to any lesson taught.
Nathan Helland
ELA teacher
Oh man - so far I’ve really enjoyed the adaptive text feature. It’s been so easy to provide a text to students who need it.
Patrick Dowd
Science Educator/Learning Scientist
I love the “Make it Relevant” tool- to make sure concepts are taught in context for students.
Gareth Edmondson
In MagicSchool, my favorites are the planning tools. They just save so much thinking time. Give it instructions and off you go.
Meg Flanagan
I'm excited to utilize the text leveler and scaffolder tools that MagicSchool provides, because my college-level English students' reading levels vary widely. I tried the "Make it Relevant" feature once or twice and confirmed that I'm no longer cool, but I can pretend to be!
Leslie Fenton
4th Grade Teacher
Love the customization features - particularly the Math Story Word Problems- so easy to use! And the new Common Misconception Generator- it really helps guide my instruction!
Alan Stevenson
I’m loving the new Common Misconception Generator - it can react as though it is the student, as I cannot always enter that mindset given my knowledge base
Brian Krause
Instructional Technology Coach
Clear Directions is one of my favorite tools that I've used on MagicSchool. It helps me include aspects that I forgot or reword parts that I know might be confusing. It saves me time and frustration during the project.
Richard Biggs
K-5 Explorations Educator and Tech Coach
Multiple choice generator in MagicSchool is my favorite as it does all the heavy lifting for the user. I love math and the math story word problem generator is one that I will be using often too.
Kenisha Thompson
Trained Teacher
In MagicSchool, I am grateful for the lesson plan generator, which has made my job as a teacher easier and more enjoyable. I am looking forward to using this in the new school term. I am impressed with its capabilities. I have found that it is a powerful tool that can help teachers with a variety of tasks, including lesson planning, differentiation, and assessment.
Karle Delo
I love MagicSchool, my favorite tools are: Common Misconception Generator - This is a powerful tool that will help teachers address the common misconceptions they or their students may have. It takes years to really understand what common misconceptions exist and this can help teachers get ahead of the misconceptions in much less time. Make it Relevant - This helps with student engagement and it takes a lot of time to do this without assistance. Raina - This is huge for any teacher who does not have access to an instructional coach. This can be their brainstorming buddy. Text Leveler and Text rewriter - These are great ways to differentiate and save so much time!
Jessica Martz
My absolute favorite tool on MagicSchool is the Exemplar and Non-Exemplar. For many of my assignments, I find that students really need to have an example of what to do and what not to do. However, in order to do this, I need to take a large amount of time to create my own exemplar and non-exemplar for each writing assignment that I give. This saves me so much time and frustration. My second favorite tool is the text leveler. There have been several instances where I had the perfect text to teach a particular skill, but the text level was too far above my remedial English class. By using this text leveler, I saved time finding another "perfect" text that was on their level and I was able to make the text accessible to these students at a lower reading level.